What are Terpenes?

February 28, 2020

Terpenes are the “essence oils” of the hemp plant. They are what gives it that “dank” smell. Terpenes are what make a lemon smell like a lemon, a lime smell like a lime. Most hemp smells grassy or like hay, and therefore doesn’t have desirable terpenes. Terpenes are very complex, extremely beneficial, and also very hard to test for. In a nutshell, sweet-smelling terpenes are desirable (like in marijuana).

We grow for terpenes and the full spectrum CBDs come along for the ride. 

As a grower, growing hemp with a great terpene profile is extremely difficult because the little things that terpenes like (sugars/molasses/nitrogen/potash/etc), THC likes also. So our struggle as quality hemp farmers is to create an awesome terpene profile and keep the THC level below 0.3%. Most hemp with good terpenes comes out hot (over .3% THC). I figured out natural techniques to keep quality high and THC low. It really comes down to keeping ahead of the game with quality soil health, not blasting the plants with readily available liquid nutrients like marijuana growers use.

We also created low-temp extraction processes to preserve these terpenes. It has been found that if you keep the natural molecular bond of the terpenes, with the CBDs, with the natural THC, chlorophyl, lipids, etc., you get an extremely effective oil. And thats what we do. Some companies use highly processed oil (with the terpenes processed out) and then add terpenes back in. That process results in what is known as a “broad spectrum” oil. Which is not nearly as effective as full spectrum CBD oil.

Testing for terpenes is tough. Perhaps the best test for quality terpenes is our nose and taste buds. Each strain is unique, and like marijuana, your sense of smell tells you if it’s quality. By biting into it or smoking it, a good set of taste buds can tell if harsh chemicals have been used or if it was dried properly. Testing for terpenes is expensive and all over the charts from one lab to the next. Cannabidiol profiles are more consistent. Therefore, sense of smell is key.

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