What makes Harvey’s different?

February 28, 2020


Oil Quality

What makes Harveys All Naturals stand out from the rest of a saturated CBD market? The most simple answer to this question is Oil Quality. Most hemp is grown on large-scale industrial farms (like corn) and is processed in massive quantities. There are three main parts to this hemp / CBD industry that are considered industries within themselves: 1- Farming; 2- Extraction (Oil Processing); 3- Product Line. Most smart business people look at these three parts and say to themselves: “Farming, big investment, lots of hard work, no thanks; Extraction, very technical, big investment, no thanks; Product Line, OK, lets just buy oils on the wholesale market, make a product line and sink a bunch of money into marketing!”

Unfortunately, for many reasons, these wholesale oils are far inferior to the oils we strive for and create at Harvey’s All Naturals. We believe that farming products that are consumed by the human body (and pets) for the purpose of “long term medicinal value” starts with soil health.That is followed by using the best plant genetics available and growing them with personal attention, love and organic practices.


Supporting Small Farms

The next step is harvesting at the rite time and slow curing the flower in a controlled environment. We created Boot Ranch Farms as the mothership in growing the quality hemp for which we strive. Instead of expanding the farm as we grow to create what we consider a “large scale” farm, we decided that it is best not to hold all our eggs in one basket and consult with other small farmers to help them grow the quality hemp we require. By doing this, we help other small farmers make a good living by paying them a premium for their hemp.


Growing for Terpenes

As far as extraction goes, we have developed partnerships with some great minds that have helped create ideal processes for us that maintain mother nature’s unique natural state of these oils. This is called the entourage effect. Since this is an industry in itself, we decided it is most beneficial to pay them well to do what they do best. Unlike most hemp companies, we don’t grow for CBD, we grow for terpenes (to learn more about these amazing essence oils, check out our blog, “What are Terpenes?”). By using this method, we find that the highest quality full spectrum hemp flower oil with the natural terpenes is achieved.


But What About the CBD?

It should be noted that on the hemp plant there is no “CBD”, instead there is CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBN, etc. CBD comes from extensive processing – such as “decarboxylation” – which are heat processes that degrade the complex cannabidiols (CBDs) and terpenes. Most oils purchased on the wholesale market are called “isolates.” We do NOT use isolates in our products for many good reasons. Mainly, the body can build up a tolerance to these inferior quality oils and our Full Spectrum oils help exponentially over time to once again achieve long term medicinal value.


Keeping It Simple

For the product line, our motto is, “Simple and Effective.” We use all natural ingredients and infuse our oils into our products through special low temp processes to once again preserve our hemp oil quality. We use only hemp flower oil, not hemp seed oil (great for cooking, though it has no CBD value). We also leave some natural beneficial organic material in our oils such as lipids and chlorophyll along with the small amount of THC in the hemp plant (less than .07% in our products). We do not use sugar-based ingredients, which create an adverse effect to the benefits of the hemp oil. Through research, we feel our products create optimum health benefits and bioavailability.


Only Pure Goodness

In conclusion, we start by growing the highest quality hemp possible. We strongly feel this can only be achieved by small farmers. Only minimal cold-temp processing is applied to our flower to create oil as close to its natural state as Mother Nature intended. Due to this, our oils will slightly fluctuate in quality from one harvest to the next – if you were to picture a quality spectrum chart, our oils will fluctuate from one harvest to the next at the very top of the quality chart, where most other highly processed oils (80-90% of the market) will be a more consistent/straight line though way down low on that same chart. Our products are simple, healthy and extremely effective. We believe this philosophy will keep customers coming back in an overly-saturated market.

By purchasing Harvey’s CBD products, you are supporting small farmers. From all of us at Harvey’s All Naturals, we thank you!

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Harvey Craig, Founder