Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil Help You Determine Real vs. Fake CBD Products

February 22, 2021

Remember last week when we discussed why a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is so important? A COA ensures that the CBD product you’re buying includes the actual amount of CBD it claims along with other important assurances. Well, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil (you may be familiar with their daytime TV shows) recently partnered on a segment that pretty much makes that very same point.

Know what’s in your CBD product… and what’s not!

For years, scammers have used the names of celebrities to push their products, despite the fact that there is zero affiliation with the celebrity… none! Names like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah, Steve Harvey, and Tom Hanks have had their likenesses used to represent various products like diet supplements, sleeping pills, and yes – CBD as well. And it’s all COMPLETELY FAKE. It’s almost impossible to find out who’s behind these ads. To quote Dr. Phil in their segment, “catching these guys is like sacking fog.” Hear the doctors explain why they decided to track down these scammers here.

You can also watch Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil as they visit an independent, third-party laboratory that analyzes CBD products. These labs take CBD samples to analyze the contents and supply those ever-important COAs. Watch their trip to the lab here.

Listen, we know as well as anyone all of the wonderful benefits of taking a daily dose of CBD. That’s how and why we do what we do here at Harvey’s All Naturals. But buying a cheap “gas store” brand probably means you’re not getting a quality product (premium hemp flower oil, devoid of harmful contaminants). We encourage anyone curious about CBD to do their research. And certainly reach out to us if we can help answer any of your questions.

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Harvey Craig, Founder