CBD Elixir / 1000mg

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Premium CBD Elixir – 1000mg CBD / 1.0 oz

We heard you wanted more! Harvey’s All Naturals NEW 1.0 oz CBD Elixir features the same formula as featured in our flagship 0.5 oz CBD Elixir, but with a $20 cost savings!

Perfect for the daily CBD user who wants more bang for their buck.

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Harvey’s All Naturals 1 oz. CBD Elixir features a concentrated 1,000mg of full spectrum hemp flower oil with natural terpenes and comes with a $20 savings when compared to our popular 0.5 oz CBD Elixir that features 500mg full spectrum hemp oil. Just like our flagship elixir, our new 1.0 oz bottle is infused with grape seed oil to improve bioavailability and the cold processing maintains the natural terpenes and secondary cannabinoids to create our high-quality product. Just a few drops per day can have amazing results. 

Best known for alleviating stress and anxiety, treating depression, insomnia, and even hangovers.

1000mg CBD / 1 oz

Directions: Shake well. Take 4-8 drops (not dropper-fulls) daily. Hold under tongue for 60-90 seconds, then swallow. Best if taken consistently for at least 2 weeks.

Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp flower oil, grape seed oil, contains less than 0.3% THC

All Harvey’s products are CTLA Lab Tested

Cannabinoid Concentration
CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the 104 beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant. The hemp plant, in its natural state, contains no CBD. Instead, it contains a full cannabidiol profile of CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBN, etc. CBD is essentially created by degrading these quality cannabidiols through a heat process called decarboxylation.

Download the full CTLA Certificate of Analysis

My father in-law suffers from seizures at night, his medication gives him constant tremors. Secondarily, he has terrible knee pain. I gave him 9 drops of Harveys All Naturals last night. Within 45 minutes his tremors stopped. This morning he reported no knee pain. I need more tincture.

Justin CBD Elixir / 500mg

I used the salve after breaking my foot and it helped alleviate some of the direct pain associated with the damage and swelling. It took me from a #6 pain level to a 2.

Shannon, 52 CBD Healing Salve / 500mg

“Our eight-month old pup had an infection in his paw and was restless at night, licking and chewing on it. A couple of drops of Harvey’s All Naturals helped him calm down so he was able to sleep at night while his paw was healing! Finally his paw is normal size and we’re all sleeping easier.”

Josh and Taryn from Jacksonville, FL CBD Elixir for Pets / 250mg

My teenage daughter plays soccer and her feet get pretty sore after double-headers. Using Harvey’s salve really helps her recover quickly to get back on her feet again.

Sara, 36 CBD Healing Salve / 500mg

I’ve known Harvey Craig for years and have used the salve and elixir to manage my “old lady pain” from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. The way it eases my pain allows me to keep running my small ranchette here in Texas. Our son also used the products during cancer treatments to manage pain, increase energy, to help sleep, and to improve quality of life. I’m a true believer in Harvey’s All Naturals.

Terry Ann, 42 CBD Elixir + Salve Combo

After using Harvey’s Salve for less than two weeks, six months of pain and discomfort from a gym injury were gone. I could not believe the results! I’m so lucky my neighbor had me use this product, I’m a believer now. Apparently not all CBD products are created equal – I’m glad I chose this one so I could see how a quality product can help.  I’m now buying some Harvey’s products for my mom who is living with chronic pain.

Linda from Edwards, CO CBD Healing Salve / 500mg

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Amazing for young people and old!

I received Harvey’s CBD Elixir to use for my anxiety (I am 22) and it works wonders! My sleep schedule has become more normal as well. Even my 87 year old grandmother loves the product! She suffers from severe anxiety and it has helped her become way more relaxed. This stuff is awesome! Will continue to buy from Harvey’s!

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