Harvey’s All Naturals salve and tincture combo offers one-two punch for optimal wellness

August 24, 2020

LEADVILLE, Colo. – Harvey’s All Naturals, a premium producer of farm-to-table full-spectrum CBD products, is offering the company’s two most popular products in one combo pack. Featuring Harvey’s CBD Elixir, 500mg CBD (0.5 oz) and Harvey’s CBD Healing Salve, 500mg CBD (1 oz), the duo is the perfect opportunity to try out both of Harvey’s flagship products. 

“Our premium farm-to-table hemp was bred for its rich cannabinoid oil and terpene profile,” said Harvey Craig, founder of Colorado-based Harvey’s All Naturals. “Our combo pack includes our salve for instant relief and spot treatment for aching muscles or dry damaged skin while our elixir is used internally for inflammation and discomfort.”

Harvey’s All Naturals CBD Elixir + Salve Combo retails for $135 (a savings of $20) and includes: 

  • Harvey’s CBD Healing Salve: For fast improvement to areas of pain and discomfort, just apply and let our high quality, full-spectrum hemp flower oil do its thing. Our recipe is simple, using all-natural ingredients the way Mother Nature intends. Best known for fighting inflammation and treating joint pain, muscle tension and more. 500mg CBD / 1 oz.
  • Harvey’s Premium CBD Elixir: Harvey’s elixir is a concentrated full-spectrum hemp flower oil infused with grape seed oil to improve bioavailability. Cold processing maintains the natural terpenes and secondary cannabinoids to create a high-quality product. And with no unnecessary fillers, you take drops, not droppers. This means unlike other brands on the market that come in larger bottles for less money, our product will last you twice as long. Just a few drops per day can have amazing results. Best known for alleviating stress and anxiety, treating depression, insomnia and even hangovers. 500mg CBD / 0.5 oz.

Harvey’s All Naturals utilizes premium, full-spectrum hemp flower oils made from hemp strains grown with organic methods featuring some of the highest-quality terpene profiles in the industry. Harvey’s products never include unnecessary fillers, flavors or perfumes, resulting in an exclusive collection of CBD products that are judged by many to be the best on the market.

The primary source of Harvey’s All Naturals products’ high-quality hemp, Boot Ranch Farms is a small, owner-operated, off-grid farm in Colorado’s San Luis Valley that uses solar power and artesian water. Since large-scale farms don’t grow hemp that meets the company’s quality standards, Harvey’s All Naturals also consults with other small farms to help them grow hemp to the same quality standards used at Boot Ranch. 

Harvey’s All Naturals hemp flowers are slow-dried in a controlled environment to maintain the plant’s natural CBD and terpene quality. The company uses high-grade, low-temperature, closed-loop alcohol extraction for the hemp flower oil processing. A small amount of beneficial organic material is left in the hemp oils to create the full “entourage effect” needed for maximum medicinal quality. Plant genetics are based on the “Cherry” and “Wife” hemp strains, among the highest-quality terpene profiles known to the industry.

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About Harvey’s All Naturals

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