Harvey’s All Naturals now offers its popular CBD Elixir in a larger, more convenient 1 oz. product size

November 25, 2020

LEADVILLE, Colo. – Harvey’s All Naturals, a premium producer of farm-to-table full-spectrum CBD products, is now offering the company’s popular CBD Elixir in a 1 oz. container, doubling the size of the flagship .5 oz elixir bottle

“This cannabinoid-rich CBD formula is well-loved by our customers, who use it for everything from inflammation and pain to addressing anxiety. It packs a big punch, requiring less product to achieve the same level of effectiveness when compared to the competition,” said Harvey Craig, Founder and CEO of Harvey’s All Naturals. “And even though a little goes a long way, we clearly saw that there was demand for a larger, 1 oz. size, which offers 1,000mg of CBD and will last consumers longer between reorders.”

Harvey’s All Naturals 1 oz. CBD Elixir features 1,000 mg of full-spectrum hemp flower oil with natural terpenes and retails for $130. The price point for the larger bottle provides consumers with a $20 cost per ounce savings when compared to the company’s .5 oz. CBD Elixir which contains 500mg of Harvey’s full-spectrum hemp formula and retails for $75. 

Harvey’s Premium CBD Elixir is made with a concentrated full-spectrum hemp flower oil infused with grape seed oil to improve bioavailability. Harvey’s All Naturals hemp flowers are slow-dried in a controlled environment to maintain the plant’s natural CBD and terpene quality. 

The company uses high-grade, low-temperature, closed-loop alcohol extraction for the hemp flower oil processing. A small amount of beneficial organic material is left in the hemp oils to create the full “entourage effect” needed for maximum long-term medicinal quality. Harvey’s All Naturals plant genetics are based on the “Cherry” and “Wife” hemp strains, among the highest-quality terpene profiles known to the industry, and never include unnecessary fillers, flavors or perfumes.

The primary source of Harvey’s All Naturals products’ high-quality hemp, Boot Ranch Farms, is a small, owner-operated, off-grid farm in Colorado’s San Luis Valley that uses solar power and artesian water. Because large-scale farms cannot grow hemp that meets the company’s quality standards, Harvey’s All Naturals also consults with other small farms to help them grow hemp to the same quality standards used at Boot Ranch. 

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About Harvey’s All Naturals

Harvey’s All Naturals provides premium farm-to-table full-spectrum CBD products, derived from only the best quality hemp flower oil. Harvey’s genetics are based on hemp strains with some of the highest quality terpene profiles in the industry and are grown with organic methods on small, off-grid farms in the Colorado mountains. Harvey’s is committed to using clean ingredients and doesn’t dilute any of its products with unnecessary fillers, unnatural flavors or perfumes. The result is a special collection of pure CBD products that are some of the best on the market. Learn more at HarveysAllNaturals.com. Follow Harvey’s All Naturals on Instagram and Facebook.