As CBD Market Expands, Industry Will Mature Beyond Flash to Focus on Quality, Credibility and Craft in 2021

December 15, 2020


A more educated consumer will drive brands to offer credibility, transparency and quality.

The rapid expansion of the CBD market, an influx of new products and an increasingly savvy CBD consumer all combined in 2020 to force an industry makeover that will begin to take shape in the coming months, as brands focus more on legitimacy, substance and consumer appeal in 2021.

“In order to meet the potential of CBD’s burgeoning market, smart companies in the industry are sidestepping the flash of celebrity endorsements in favor of a more substantive narrative around quality and credibility,” said Harvey Craig, CEO of Harvey’s All Naturals. “We think this is an important trend that will only expand in 2021.”

COA, transparency take center stage

CBD consumers have turned a corner from being curiosity seekers to becoming truly informed customers. Over the next 12 months, the industry will respond with an increased emphasis on quality, rigid adherence to standards and continuing education efforts to further build and maintain trust.

“As consumers become better educated, the Certificate of Analysis will become even more of a North Star. Empowering customers with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions will help everyone in the business. The stronger we can demonstrate legitimacy, the more consumers will trust brands and the products they create,” Craig continued. 

Demand for small batch, craft products 

As in most maturing industries, specialty products and a desire for exclusivity drive innovation and consumer demand. This will be no different for the CBD industry in 2021 as brands work to differentiate themselves, and those that fail to offer quality and transparency fall by the wayside. 

“As with so many different industries today, consumers associate quality with unique, specialty brands. This focus on quality will become even more important for CBD producers in the coming year as consumers move away from mass-produced big batch brands in search of higher-quality craft products. Brands using organic farming practices and steering clear of mass-production operations will generate more attention and help CBD companies differentiate from one another,” Craig concluded.

Harvey’s All Naturals has long advocated for the use of sustainable farming practices. A small, owner-operated, off-grid farm called Boot Ranch Farms serves as the company’s primary source of high-quality hemp. For it’s additional needs, Harvey’s All Naturals consults with other small farms to grow hemp that meets the same quality standards used at Boot Ranch. Harvey’s All Naturals uses high-grade, low-temperature, closed-loop alcohol extraction for the hemp flower oil processing. A small amount of beneficial organic material is left in the hemp oils to create the full “entourage effect” needed for maximum long-term medicinal quality. The company’s plant genetics are based on the “Cherry” and “Wife” hemp strains, among the highest-quality terpene profiles known to the industry, and never include unnecessary fillers, flavors or perfumes. 

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About Harvey’s All Naturals

Harvey’s All Naturals provides premium farm-to-table full-spectrum CBD products, derived from only the best quality hemp flower oil. Harvey’s genetics are based on hemp strains with some of the highest quality terpene profiles in the industry and are grown with organic methods on small, off-grid farms in the Colorado mountains. Harvey’s is committed to using clean ingredients and doesn’t dilute any of their products with unnecessary fillers, unnatural flavors or perfumes. The result is a special collection of pure CBD products that are some of the best on the market. Learn more at Follow Harvey’s All Naturals on Instagram and Facebook.